Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 19...Post Nap Update

Ahhh yes....I am feeling like a REAL human being again. I just have a fabulous nap...too bad it's after 2pm and that I couldn't sleep like that when everyone, minus shift workers sleep in this freaking time zone. I think the transformation is nearly complete...soon I will be a completely nocturnal being. The issue I have with that is I hate late night TV programming and those stupid commercials that try to sell you things. that I think of it, those "commercials" are actually the programs...and the actual commercials are for phone sex lines. I suppose I should get really worried when I start calling the phone sex lines....

Each day is a gradual improvement from the next. At the moment things are changing so gradually that it's getting harder to distinguish progressions. That being said, I know things are improving and healing. I realized quite suddenly yesterday that getting in the shower isn't an 8 on the pain scale any longer....I am able to bend my knee enough to get my foot over the lip of the stall now with minimal pain whereas a couple weeks ago I struggled with that.

I am looking for each and every improvement in an effort to make me see that there IS's just going to be slow. I didn't underestimate this fact I was telling a friend this morning that in my head I overestimated it! I am beginning to realize that the surgery itself wasn't the hard part....rather the recovery is going to be the hard part. Patience, perseverance and dedication to my physio/ice routine are going to be critical. At this stage it's all about the baby steps and keeping my eye on the prize! 

Everyone keeps asking me if I am going to get my right hip done as soon as my left is strong. I've decided that if my left hip is successful....success meaning I will be able to walk without gnawing groin and butt pain...the answer is yes. But...if there is no drastic improvement...I am just not so sure I am willing to go through this all over again if there is no payoff at the end.

Well time to do some therapy! My friend is on her way to spend the week with me. I am SO excited for our week together!!

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