Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 18....Attitude Adjustment

Well I've decided to adjust my attitude today. Quite frankly when you look at my issues in comparison with others, I guess I don't have a whole lot to complain about.
  1. I am blessed with friends, family and a husband who truly cares about me. My mom has taken nearly 2 weeks out of her holidays to be with me during this surgery...both while in the hospital and at home! She has waited on me hand and foot, cleaned, cooked, fed the herd of cats and spent time chatting with me and watching movies. My mother in law also spent 7 days here! She too cooked, carefully did my dressing changes, shaved my legs, coordinated feeding time with the zoo of cats and just spent tons of time talking and watching movies. Although my husband has been working long hours, he comes home in the evening and has willfully picked up all the extra slack with no complaints. He's been doing the groceries, the laundry, changing the bedding, doing my dressing changes and many other little things to make my life easier. And tomorrow, I have a friend taking a whole week out of her schedule to stay with me!! I have also been sent lots of little care packages, cards, get well wishes and many other things by co-workers, friends and fellow hip chicks! I mean WOW. So....quite frankly....I have a wonderful support team and I know that not everyone is as lucky as me.
  2. My issues are not life threatening! Sometimes its hard to remember when you're feeling so down, but realistically I am not going to die due to my hip condition. Yes it means I have to put my life on hold....but it's a TEMPORARY hold.
  3. Since I live in Canada, I don't have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket, or fight with my insurance company to get the health care I need. There are some girls out there that get denied the very surgery that will improve the quality of their life and potentially decrease the chances for a hip replacement down the road. So...the pain I am going through is something that they WISH they could go through.
  4. I get to spend lots of time with my kitties that I love so much! <3 My crazy cat Diego loves riding on my walker tray! He will hop on there and gladly go with me where ever I go!
  5. My employer has been extremely accommodating and supportive to me through both of my hip surgeries. I have been granted the time off I need with no suggestion or implication I am creating a "problem" with me not being there. This alone relieves a huge weight off my shoulders. And once I am ready to start working again, I'll be able to work from home as needed. I know many other hip chicks have a completely different experience. On top of that, I was sent a lovely gift from the office!

So...all in all....even though things are not necessarily "fun" right now, given the circumstances, things could be a lot worse.

A quick update on my progress:
  • I am up for longer periods during the day (sitting/standing). I find I can sit for about one hour intervals...the 40-45 minute mark I find the front of my hip and my butt starts to ache...but I can push it to one hour. Combined total equals 5-6 hours. 
  • My right hip is NOT doing well at fact....I am beginning to see this is going to be a bit of a problem during my recovery. Yesterday my therapist worked on strengthening exercises for my upper body and right hip. 
  • I am icing both hips 5-6 times per day (15-20 minutes each time)
  • In house physio will be with me for another week. I will be booking out of house therapy appointments for the week of the 20th.
  • I am SERIOUSLY NOT SLEEPING!! This is day 4 of sketchy sleep....FML. I took some Benadryl last night, and today I feel strange. I did however fall asleep around 4am and slept through until 11:30am. Thank you TLC (Say Yes to the Dress) for keeping me company last night! Tonight, I am going to try Melatonin.
  • I only have 2 more Lovenox needles!
  • Meds have been reduced to 2 Percocets at night, 1 in the morning and depending on activity/pain levels during the day, I might take 1 in the afternoon. 
  • Tried laying on my un-operated side another firm reminder this is NOT possible.
As promised, here is an updated photo of my incision. This was taken yesterday (Day 17):

So....I will keep on trucking and try to stay positive!! 

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