Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 13 Post Op....Stiff and Sore

Well today is day 13 post op and I am feeling stiff and sore. I woke up about an hour ago but stayed in bed to avoid waking up my hubby. He was busy all weekend doing the cleaning, laundry and groceries so I was hoping he'd get a a bit of extra sleep. Finally, I couldn't wait any longer so I decided to get was calling me! After getting up, I realized he was already up and gone to the gym!

He has been sleeping on the couch since I've been home from the hospital. We do have a spare room, but it's already setup and ready for my next "nurse" (my mom!).  And no...Justin is not sleeping on the couch because he's in the dog house from my last rant! He's worried about rolling over on top of me, and hurting my hip. I tried telling him the chances of this are minimal. LOL I mean....there have been no previous instances of him "steam-rolling" me before. I'm not sure why, but it makes me think of those "Baby on Board" signs people post in their cars after they have a baby. They are ridiculous....I mean really...would you ram into that car normally if it DIDN'T have a baby on board sign? The answer is no! Regardless of whether or not there's a sign, an accident can still happen. And quite frankly, it's not like people drive more cautiously around a vehicle that has one of those signs. It's one of those accessories that someone created and is laughing all the way to the bank thinking "$$$CAAAA-CHING!$$$". (I really have no clue why "steam rolling" made me think of this...could be the meds?? Either way...I am digressing...)

I ended up taking my walker with me the other day on my first little outing (not my crutches as I carried on about LOL). I would like to point out that it was my decision.... :)

We were out for about 15 was so nice to be outside! I made it a good distance considering it was my first real outing. Look at me go! 

I've always been a very active person and have refused to let my hip issues defined me. I'm stubborn and as you've probably gathered, don't like being told what to do. This includes being told what to do by my hips! In fact, we went on a pretty intense hike right before my surgery! We live very close to the Niagara Escarpment and I love hiking along the Bruce Trail. (Hmmm...looks like I'm wearing the same LuLu tank!)

Yesterday we went out again late in the day for another little walk. I made it about 20 feet farther than the day before, and I used my crutches this time. Overall things went did however give me a strong reminder this is going to be a long recovery. I was quite sore and had to stop several times. 

At this stage of the game:
  • I find it easier to get in and out of bed.
  • Mornings are the worst time of day for me. I feel really stiff and takes me a while to get going.
  • I am feeling more energetic and want to be up longer (I am out of bed about 4-5 hours per day).
  • The pain is changing....I notice I have less pain while laying down. There was a lot of pain near the incision site while laying in bed on my back, now I don't it as much unless I roll that way.
  • I have some tingling in my thigh - hoping this has nothing to do with nerves. It's not constant...comes and goes.
  • Sitting for more than 30-40 minutes straight causes a lot of discomfort in my butt and the front of my hip (I am using my wedge cushion)
  • General aching and stiffness in my butt and thigh. Very noticeable upon movement and physio exercises. 
  • I am still toe touch weight bearing.
  • I get my staples out after tomorrow! 
  • I am taking less pain killers! I am still taking 2 at night, 1-1.5 in the morning and maybe 1 midday.
  • I am still taking my blood thinner Lovenox - only 7 more needles (not that I'm counting or anything!).
  • I still have to lay on my back at all times. I got brave yesterday and tried to lay on my un-operated side with pillows between my legs. Definitely NOT happening yet. :( Too bad!

I will take some photos tonight during my last dressing change before the staples are out. The incision is looking good, swelling is nearly gone and bruising nearly gone (I think...hard to see my butt!). Hmmm....I think this is my last dressing change. I am hoping that the incision doesn't open up after taking out my staples....the skin is getting irritated even though my dressings are "skin friendly".

So, overall things are going well. I think things are definitely progressing as they should and I am working hard at icing, resting and exercises. I think my kitties are also enjoying the time they get to spend with me! Pumpkin is so spoiled and loves snuggling with me!

I also wanted to share the something that I came across today on another blog! A "hip timeline" depicting hip pain, symptoms etc! What a great idea!

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