Questions to Ask Surgeon - Open SDD

  1. How many of these procedures have you done? 
  2. Approximately how many of these have seen a good result?
  3. How many follow-ups are there?
  4. How long is the operation?
  5. How big is the incision? 
  6. What are the risks?
  7. How long is the hospital stay?
  8. How long should I expect to be off work?
  9. Do you get an epidural?
  10. What is the average recovery time?
  11. How long is the average person on 2 crutches? 1 crutch?
  12. When can I partial weight bear? Full weight bear?
  13. Should I get a temporary handicap pass for my car?
  14. Will I have 3 screws put in my hip? How often are they rejected? 
  15. Will I have to "donate" blood in case of blood loss?
  16. How quickly do I start therapy? Do I have to come to TO for therapy or can I combine here and there?
  17. How often do you recommend therapy?
  18. Will I need a CPM machine? 
  19. Will I have to wear a brace?
  20. How long do you expect I will need PT?
  21. If I left it, what will happen?
  22. How long will I be off work?
  23. I read about additional bone growth and hernias - is this common?
  24. Will I be okay carrying and having a baby?
  25. Will my low back pain diminish?
  26. How long after surgery will I notice results?

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