Thursday, August 23, 2012

30 Days Post-Op - Pain, Patience and Self Pity...

I am so bloody sick of being in pain. I've decided to wallow in self pity today. I feel like this is all teaching me a wonderful lesson...I think patience is the biggest one.

At the moment I am having horrible SI pain (still) and in the last week or so, a catching/painful sensation is beginning to present itself in my hip. I notice it when I bring my knee up and then back down...when it's on it's way down I feel it...I literally have to stop the movement and have to move/re-position my leg to make it go away.

I spoke to a fellow hip chick whose had two open surgeries (one on each hip) and she suggested it might be the tip of a screw that went through my lesser trochanter and that some of the psoas or muscle might be snagging on it. Or it could be scar tissue. I am going to mention both to my surgeon when I see him next week. I am hoping it's scar tissue!!

I am also having a deep, deep pain inside my hip. I would think this is definitely bone pain. It's deep inside the joint and is definitely not muscular. It's a nagging ache. :(

On a brighter note, my incision is essentially closed up...I will have my husband take some more photos. I keep forgetting!

I had my first out of house physio appointment yesterday. I feel encouraged and comfortable in the sense that I love my physiotherapist. He rehabbed my hip last year following my scope and I also did some treatments before this surgery. He is very familiar with FAI and hip pathology. He is also very careful and continually asks his patients if they're okay....he's definitely in-tune with physical responses and never assumes "you're okay".

During my session he did some light passive movement to get an idea about my ROM and limitations. He has never rehabbed open FAI surgery, but is confident once he has a complete understanding of my limitations etc from my surgeon, he'll be able to set up an effective treatment plan. I meet with my physio again on Monday before my followup with my surgeon next Wednesday...him and I are going to come up with a list of questions and an action plan to ensure we have all the info about limitations before moving forward with intense therapy.

So...that is essentially my update for today....

As a recap....I am in WAY more pain these last 5 days than I've been since coming home from the hospital.

I am feeling negative and miserable. I am taking one Percocet at night again (and have been since Saturday). I take nothing but Tylenol as required during the day. That said...I am sticking with ice over Tylenol most of the time (trying to give my liver a break...that's all I need....liver issues!)

I am also feeling extremely frustrated with the fact that I can't do anything around the house. I wish I could clean, do laundry and cook properly. Although, my husband has been really helpful in these regards...he is not your normal hubby! He is obsessed with cleaning, always does the groceries (even pre-op) and is great at doing laundry. I've been told many times how lucky I am! :)

I thought of the song by Kelly Clarkson "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" and decided to Google "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger + crutches" thinking I might find some positive insights....LOL instead I found this...."It's Not Gonna Be Okay". WOW!! I have to say that even though the information in it wasn't even close to being still made me laugh....cynical is not even close to being the word I'd use to describe that.

After reading "It's Not Gonna Be Okay", I choose the opposite of Mr Mark Allen and will continue to look for the good...I leave you with Kelly Clarkson's song, a really cute photo from the Facebook group that cheered me up called Cat Mews and an AMAZING INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO!

Note: I warned you...I am a crazy cat sister even got me a creepy crazy cat lady action figure that I have proudly displayed in my office!

There is NO WAY this adorable little kitten doesn't put a smile on your face!

I wanted to also mention this...I am done giving myself Lovenox via needle...however I now have a lump in my stomach near my belly button (the size of a nickel). I was worried that on top of my hip issues, maybe I had cancer or something! (Yes...I realize that is the concern of  hypochondriac...but let's be luck hasn't been so great lately!) I texted my friend who has MS....she has to give herself needles on a daily basis. She said lumps are normal....and to change injection site. Just wanted to pass along in case anyone else had the same concern. :)

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