Saturday, September 8, 2012

46 Days Post-op - Is that a light I'm starting to see?

Today is 46 days post-op. Unfortunately I missed the 6 week update!
  • I am still using 2 crutches - I am putting about 70-80% of my body weight on my op side. I was told by approximately week 8 I can try weaning off. I'll be honest....I've used one inside and I feel pretty good. My leg is really weak and I don't feel ready to attempt this outside quite yet, but it shouldn't be too much longer! I have to also admit...I've walked around the kitchen, bed and to the bathroom without my crutches...while doing this, I don't have a lot of pain...rather my leg feels extremely weak and I have a horrible limp. I don't do this often as I think it would definitely contribute to my SI pain.
  • I am still getting a catching/painful sensation in my hip - this is most likely scar tissue buildup that will break away over time (hoping anyway!).
  • I am getting sporadic/occasional sharp, hot pains along deep within my trochanter. My PT said it's either the screws or quite possibly nerve pain. This isn't something I feel everyday, all happens here and there and there is no known trigger. If it continues or gets worse, I will definitely mention it at my next followup (4 weeks from now).
  • Now that I'm putting more weight on my operated side, I am getting a lot of aching across my butt and some groin pain. I believe this is normal and I have no concerns...I think it's all part of the recovery process.
  • I'm getting a lot of knee pain in my operated side. The PT said this is referred pain from my hip and often happens with open hip surgery. I notice it most while walking.
  • My SI is still in bad shape! My wonderful husband has been diligently giving me a massage every evening and I'm using 1-2 Toradol during the day and 1 Percocet at night to manage pain. I am going to go back to my family doctor to discuss further options for pain management as I can't continue taking these 2 drugs. Some other hip chicks have mentioned Vicodin for nighttime I'd like to discuss these options with the family doctor. I am also going to request a prescription/referral for a TENS unit.
  • I will be going back to work at the end of September, or early October. If you're planning to have this surgery and aren't sure how long you should take off of work, I highly recommend taking no less than 10 weeks. The doc told me most people take 12-14 weeks which I thought was crazy...before going through the surgery. Many developments and new symptoms begin to present themselves while recovering from an Open SDD.
  • Given I didn't discuss sex with my surgeon (I figured why bother since he was clear about let's be honest...who wants to talk about sex with their male surgeon)...I got to thinking, and decided to ask some of the other girls who went through this same surgery...some actually started having sex at 10 days post-op...impressive if you ask me! So...if you're wondering when it might be safe....use some discretion and be careful...apparently it's possible 10 days post-op if you're determined enough! :) If you have any questions let me know....I know this can be an uncomfortable topic! LOL
  • My ROM has improved tremendously! If you're like me, you probably won't really know the terminology for ROM. Here's a couple links to help you understand what's what:
    My flexion is around 95 degrees (bringing knee to chest), extension (straightening leg behind body)...not 100% on degrees but PT was quite happy...I would say maybe 15 degrees. Abduction is still prohibited and we haven't tested adduction (I haven't tried this yet myself as it hurts quite a bit to adduct).
  • I did stairs for the first time! It wasn't too bad...the worst part was my right hip (un-operated side)!
  • My right hip is really painful - I am having A LOT of groin pain.
  • No driving until the beginning of October (my docs protocol is 10-12 weeks).
Some exciting news....

I went to Niagara Falls the night before last with a friend! A good friend flew here from Alberta so a couple of us got together...we had a nice dinner and just hung out in the hotel room and had a couple glasses of wine! I was worried about going since my SI has been so bad but it actually turned out to be an amazing visit. Most notably...I was able to walk part of Clifton Hill in Niagara to the if you've ever been there, you could definitely appreciate how difficult that would have been...hip problems or not! (Clifton Hill is the main touristy strip which is a HUGE hill. I made it down to the restaurant from the parking lot and then back up! Trust me...that alone is a landmark itself!)

Today we are going to a surprise 80th birthday party about 45 minutes from our home. Following that, my hubby and I are going to do a mini anniversary celebration!

Our first wedding anniversary is September 10, however I am going to his moms, and a wonderful elderly couple's home next week for a we want to do a little celebration tonight before I'm gone. I will spend a few days with my mother in law, and a few days with Eric and Eve. (In case you're wondering how I know Eric and Eve....Justin and I used to rent their basement apartment. I've stayed very close with them and they've essentially adopted us as family!) Justin and I are going to do an anniversary weekend getaway in October once I'm off my, for tonight we will probably grab a bottle of champagne, choose our weekend getaway spot and just spend some quality time together which I'm really looking forward to.

So....overall things are progressing well and mentally I'm in a much better place! I had such a great time in Niagara reminded me of my "normal life" and has given me hope! Not only that, getting away this week will probably be the best thing I could possibly do for myself.....I'm looking forward to some time with Justin's mom (and of course the rest of the fam)! We'll be lunching, getting a pedicure, having some wine and enjoying the nice weather! As for Eric and Eve's....we will probably be sitting out by the pool, swimming, relaxing and just catching up!

Monday, September 3, 2012

41 Days Post-Op - Drugs can be a wonderful thing!

I'm feeling a lot better since I've been taking Toradol!! It definitely seems to take the edge off and this horrible back pain is finally more manageable! I feel like my old self again! (Well almost....)

Saturday night was the first evening since my op where we had a "normal night"! Friends of ours had us over for a few hours. It was so nice to just get out...especially since it was the last long weekend of summer. Definitely what we needed!

Yesterday I met up with a Toronto based Hip Chick for the second time! For all the bad things that comes along with these silly hip problems....there definitely are some silver linings! I've made some great connections with amazing people! I probably never would have met these ladies otherwise, so I guess I can't resent my hips completely! :D

Last night, Justin and I spent the evening sitting on the patio chatting. We were going to go out for a little date night, but decided to take it easy and stay in. I didn't want to push my luck given my back pain has become much more manageable.

Anyway...I'm  off for the day! I have some plans with a couple little boys I used to babysit. The other day I got a really cute email from Carter (he's 7) telling me how much he misses me! So we are popping by there in an hour, so I better get ready!

Just wanted to post up some positive words since my last few posts have been a bit of a drag. In my case....I have to say drugs definitely are a wonderful thing! I am done being a hero! Stay tuned for my official 6 week update!