Question to Ask Surgeon - 6 Week Followup Open SDD

  1. Can I begin weight bearing? Is it as tolerated or is there a percent I should start with?
    Yes - start with 20%-30% and work your way up.
  2. If weight bearing is gradual (ie 30% week 6, 40% week 7 etc)….what is the breakdown over the course of the next several weeks I should aim for?
    Slowly work your way up over the next 2-3 weeks (judge time frame as tolerated)
  3. When can I try walking without an aid safely?
    In about 4-5 weeks - try inside.
  4. I am having horrible SI pain that is preventing me from effectively moving through recovery (difficult to sit, walk, get out of the house etc).  Following surgery I was off pain meds for a week when this started. Since then I have started taking them again. I have tried naproxen, meloxicam and Tylenol…all of which do not work. The only thing that works is Percocet which I take if I need to get out of the house (ie physio) and at night. Do you have suggestions? Can you provide me a prescription, or combination of prescriptions for pain management?
    He prescribed Naproxen. If that doesn't work he suggested Toradol.
  5. I am having a catching pain within my hip when I bring my knee up and then back down – when it goes back down I feel it catch with pain (also happens while getting out of car as I begin to stand). What could this be? Scar tissue? Screws?
    Probably scar tissue.
  6. If I have excessive scar tissue build up, that causes a lot of pain/problems, what do you suggest? Is removal ever considered via scope? If so, what is the threshold of time you normally ask patients to wait?
    I didn't specifically ask this question.
  7. If the screws begin bothering me, when will you even consider removing them?
    He was short on time. I didn't ask this question however I think he said in the past 6-8mths.
  8. Are any of these restrictions: Squats, lunges, straight leg raises, wall sits, stair master, elliptical, clams. If so, when are they lifted? By whom? On what grounds?
    Clams...however I forgot to ask about the others. I've emailed him and will update this once I get the info.
  9. Can I start active abduction? If so…should I start slowly or is it as tolerated?
    No - he will re-evaluate in 5 weeks
  10. If it’s slowly, is there a certain breakdown of the number of degrees I start with in the beginning? If so, what is the approximate degree increase I add over the next several weeks?
  11. Should I start abduction while standing or laying? (Is there a problem doing it against gravity?)
  12. If I do begin while standing, when is it safe to start against gravity (ie clamshell)
  13. When can I begin abduction with a resistance band? (ie clamshell with band)
  14. Is it safe for the physio to  abduct my leg while I lay on my back? If so, is there a breakdown of the number of degrees I start with in the beginning? If so, what is the approximate degree increase he adds over the next several weeks?
  15. When can I begin flexing past 90 degrees?
    Now is fine - I can flex as tolerated.
  16. Is it safe for the physio to put my leg on his shoulder and gently stretch my leg? (This was done on Monday…I had some groin pain...I was not flexing past 90 degrees)
    Yes this is ok.
  17. Are there any other safety precautions I should be aware of for physio? (Once I know my full list of precautions, I will bring to therapist, we will put together a treatment plan and he will fax it over.)
    Not that he could think of.
  18. Are there any specific exercises that you definitely recommend ? Urge against? (The physio did ask if you had a prepared treatment plan – they said they often get these from surgeons.)
    No prepared treatment plan. No other suggested exercises or urges against.
  19. Once therapist faxes the treatment plan back to you, how quickly can they expect to hear your feedback whether it be positive or negative?
    2-3 weeks as he is on vacation.
  20. When is it safe to have sex?
    I didn't ask this question since he was clear about abduction.
    Note: I spoke to another fellow hip chick who went through the same op. If you're careful and become creative...anything is possible. Just BE CAREFUL. She only waited 10 days....personally I'd wait until the 6 week mark or so. 
  21. Can you provide me with a prescription for my raised toilet seat and walker for insurance? (I was given one at discharge however my mom misplaced it.)
    Yes - done.
  22. Can you please provide me with my post-op report?
    Yes - fax a release document to me and receptionist will send it.
  23. If I want a copy of the xrays (pre-post) and MRI, where do I go?
    Go to records department.
  24. If I am feeling well, at what point in my recovery can I come back to you so we can begin looking at my right hip? (6mths? 8mths?)
    6 months
  25. Are there any suggested treatments and/or supplements that you would suggest to speed up/add to the recovery process? (Ex Chondroitin Sulphate/Glucosamine, Hyperbaric Chamber)
    No - he said there is no medical evidence that any of these will help.
  26. My PT suggested a TENS unit to help with back pain. He said it could also be used for some of the treatments in my hip to help getting muscles firing again (ex.gluts). Can you give me a prescription for one so I can put it through insurance?
    I forgot to ask this question - I am going to ask my family doctor for this prescription.

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