Items to Have Following an Open SDD

  1. Walker with a tray
  2. Crutches
  3. Crutcheze (I absolutely LOVE mine)
  4. Wedge cushion
  5. Raised toilet seat with handles 
  6. Grabber (This is important in case you drop something and to put pants/shorts on - you can't bend over following hip surgery)
  7. Waterproof bandages (these are optional - but I LOVE mine...I have Leukomed T Plus 10x35cm - this prevents us from having to cover the dressing up when I shower)
  8. Gauze and saline solution (To clean the incision - note: others may have different post surgical protocol in regards to in incision care, therefore follow the instructions sent by your doc!)
  9. Senocot S (CRITICAL)
  10. Bottles of water (I keep them near the bed at all times)
  11. Shower chair
  12. Ice gel packs for icing - you could do the polar ice machine, but the gel packs work fine and will save you some cash.
  13. Roll-on BioFreeze
  14. Lots of entertainment in the area you're recuperating in - you will be spending a lot of time in there!
  15. Loads of comfy nightgowns, robes and jammies!

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