Tuesday, August 21, 2012

28 Days Post-Op....Made it 4 Whole Weeks!

Well today is 4 weeks post-op!

At the moment I am not really noticing any major changes/improvements from my last post. I am however having horrible low back pain...going into day 3. It was so bad last night, that it kept me up all night. At 3:45am I finally took 2 Percocet...it took nearly one hour for it to settle down! The last time I looked at the clock it was 5am. :(

For any women reading this...it feels like "period pain" only 1000 times worse! It's horrible....and CONSTANT. Since the beginning of this year, low back pain surfaced itself as a new symptom of my FAI. Thankfully it's not something I have to live with everyday. I honestly can't imagine what life must be like for those people who have to live with severe low back pain day in and day out.

I've been trying to think of what I've done that may have caused this. The only thing that has crossed my mind is me "hopping" around the kitchen or bedroom on my right leg. At any rate, I've been resting in bed since Sunday (started Saturday night). I have been using my Thumper, Biofreeze, ice packs and heating pad like crazy! I am really hoping today it settles down to a manageable level!

As of right now:

  • I have started taking Percocets at night again! :( BOO!! (This has been due to the excruciating SI pain.)
  • I start out of house therapy tomorrow morning - I go for my first assessment! 
  • I got in touch with the hydro therapist - he recommended waiting until the 6 week mark for our first appointment (this is due to the fact my incision had opened up and he said to make sure it's completely healed before jumping into a pool).
  • One week tomorrow I see my surgeon for my 6 week followup (not sure why she booked it a week early...but whatever!).
  • I am still having that weird catching sensation when I bring my knee up (either laying/sitting).
  • My incision is essentially healed up! (I will ask Justin to take some photos later!)
  • Still doing all exercises 3 times/day followed by icing.
  • My leg is feeling a lot stronger - very noticeable getting in and out of bed, and during my exercises.
  • I am still only able to sit for no more than 2-2.5 hours (absolute max 3 hours) off and on before my hip starts getting really sore (although at the moment I am lucky to sit for longer than 30 minutes due to my back).
  • Thigh pain is MUCH better....however the left side of my knee is still quite sore.
So overall I am going along....hip pain is manageable....back pain IS NOT!

Crossing my fingers I will have better news to report during my next post! 

Back to bed!

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