Thursday, August 16, 2012

23 Days Post Op - Quick Update

Well today is 23 days post op (I suppose since it's past midnight it's technically 23 days). I have to say things have definitely been improving!

As of now:

  • I am able to walk fair distances (using both crutches...toe touch weight bearing until 6 weeks). Yesterday I managed to walk the grocery store and the dollar store! Today I went for a walk outside that equaled that distance approximately.
  • I am able to sit for longer periods more frequently. This morning, I sat off and on for approximately 3 hours (I got up to make coffee, breakfast etc). I began to get uncomfortable around the 2 hour mark...very uncomfortable around the 2.5 hour mark....and then reached the "OMG I can't stand it anymore" point around 3 hours. Ice and rest resolved it.
    Note: I am still using the wedge cushion and will be until the 6 week mark. I also notice that I can sit more evenly (I am not favouring my operated side by leaning to the other side).
  • Following my 3 hour stretch this morning, later this afternoon I was able to sit on the patio for about 1 hour before coming in to assist with supper. So today was a very busy day!
  • Pain meds are essentially gone!! YIPPEE! Last night I took one Percocet and tonight I will probably do the that I've put in a full day I am a bit sore.
  • Mornings are still the worst time of day for me. I feel extremely stiff and sore....I find laying in bed doing light stretches helps work it out.
  • I am doing all my exercises 3 times per day. My range is slowly improving and I can feel my muscles are getting stronger.
  • My thigh and knee are still really sore...I am sure it's referred pain and muscle stiffness.
  • It is still critical to ensure I never reach the 90 degree point (so no bending or leaning forward).
  • We noticed some slight oozing from the bottom of my incision (yellow in colour). We cleaned it well with alcohol wipes, followed by saline. We will closely monitor to ensure there is no infection (as of now there is no discoloration of the skin and it's not warm to the touch).
    Note: We are still using waterproof dressing and changing them every other day (not daily). Since the incision was leaking a bit, it will continue to be dressed for another week or so.
  • I am finished my blood thinners! Hasta la vista!
This photo was taken earlier today between dressing changes:

So overall I am feeling great! I really am surprised at how quickly I've bounced back and I am feeling like my old self again. Energy levels are improving along with my ability to tolerate short outings.

At home physio cleared me to start at the clinic! I go for my post-op assessment next Wednesday. I am also waiting for a call back from the hydro therapy clinic to schedule with them!

Additionally, I am sleeping at night again! I started back up on all my vitamins and sure enough the restless feeling in my legs went away completely. (I think it's the vitamin B!)

I am off to bed now...hopefully tomorrow will be another "busy day"! I am hoping in the next 3-4 weeks I will be well enough to start working again (even if it's just part time to start!). I have to say I am definitely starting to miss work but am really thankful for the time I have to recover.


  1. So glad youre turning the corner! You're totally inspiring me into thinking maybe i WILL survive this! Can you please post a pic of the wedge?

    1. Thank you so much Leana! You will definitely survive this....I PROMISE. :)

      And as per your request, I just took a couple photos of my wedge cushion and they will definitely go in the next post!