Friday, August 17, 2012

24 Days Post-Op - Tired and Sore Today (My own fault)

Well today is 24 days post-op....I can't believe it's nearly 1 month!

Before I get into my update...I would like to share something from a fellow hip chick...please consider helping her...everyone deserves to lead a pain free life....ESPECIALLY someone as young as her!

I am doing really well and had an extremely full day yesterday! My friend Jess and I went out late in the afternoon. We went down to the lake for a gorgeous walk and for a little drive along the Lake Ontario shoreline....AND I was able to get into some real clothes for the first time since my surgery (jean shorts!). Then last night we sat down and had some wine (don't worry...I have been off my pain meds for a couple days!)....and talked....and talked....and talked some more. Before we knew it, it was the wee hours of the morning!!

I feel stiff and sore from our exciting day yesterday, tired from staying up so late and have a bit of a headache from the wine! Today is definitely a rest + ice day! Oh and let's not forget my exercises!

As per are a couple photos of my wedge cushion. Sitting on it causes my leg to rest on an angle so my hip joint is not flexed at 90 degrees.

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