Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 11 Post Op...Feeling Irritated

I am feeling annoyed at the moment. I just got off the phone with my husband who called me from work. Yet again, he has successfully p*&%ed me off by dictating what HE thinks is best for me. 

First off, YOU ARE NOT MY PARENT....YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MY HUSBAND. Second, since you really have no clue about the post-op/recovery protocol surrounding open FAI surgery, you really have NO PLACE TO COMMENT WHAT I SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT BE DOING.

I know everyone goes through points like this with someone in their life which is why I am writing about it. I am also attempting to calm down since I can't have glass of wine to relieve my stress (stupid pain meds and blood thinners!).

I would also like to point out, that I know he cares, and means well...I know he didn't set out to upset me. I am having a fabulous day and mentioned that I might like to leave the confines of our condo and go for a short walk in the parking lot. Seem unreasonable??? NO!!! In fact, my PT told me that I needed to start building up some endurance. I wasn't suggesting anything outside of what makes sense given my physical condition.

He made a joke and said he might not want to be seen with someone using a walker. I said well I might try and use my crutches for the first time today...I will test them out indoors and if all seems well, use my crutches for the walk. 

I have been using my walker as per suggested by hospital PT and OT - they told me I could start using crutches once I was feeling strong/stable enough. They didn't however say I had to solely use a fact they were going to "teach me" to use crutches while I was in the hospital. I told them that I really didn't need to be taught given I had hip surgery last year and was using them for 5-6 weeks. lovely husband proceeds to say, "What do you mean you are going to use crutches??? You need to follow the instructions set out by your doctor and stop being so impatient...BLAH BLAH BLAH...."

I cut him off at the word "impatient"....that was it. I am being far from the moment "patient" is my middle name. 

And the other thing....why in the world would I compromise my recovery? I wouldn't...not after all of this.

I understand I am TOE TOUCH WEIGHT BEARING....therefore whether I use a walker or crutches to achieve that result, it really DOESN'T MATTER.

I admit...the walker is allows me to be much more independent since I have a tray. I can bring my own meals/drinks/ice packs etc with me to my room/table. It is also very helpful getting in and out of the shower and many other things people take for granted in daily life. 

I also have "4-legged furry kids" running around and using the walker helps to ensure I won't have a fall caused by them! I had two accidents last surgery due to the cats tripping me! 

And...I may decide that my during my first outing outside, to use my walker in case I get tired or experience a lot of pain. But the point is...IT IS MY CHOICE.

Ok...phew....I feel better. 

Quick update on physical status....obviously feeling pretty good today since I wouldn't mind seeing the parking lot. :)

Reduction in pain meds going extremely well. Better than I thought actually! Ice packs are getting a lot of use and my exercises are going well. Pain levels are between a 4-5 and at the moment I am still sleeping well at night (thank you drugs!).

Anyway, off to do my exercises and ice (and of course repeat!).

Hmmm....I kind of like blogging....definitely an outlet for anger! I normally drink a bottle of least this way I don't get a hang over!

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