Monday, September 3, 2012

41 Days Post-Op - Drugs can be a wonderful thing!

I'm feeling a lot better since I've been taking Toradol!! It definitely seems to take the edge off and this horrible back pain is finally more manageable! I feel like my old self again! (Well almost....)

Saturday night was the first evening since my op where we had a "normal night"! Friends of ours had us over for a few hours. It was so nice to just get out...especially since it was the last long weekend of summer. Definitely what we needed!

Yesterday I met up with a Toronto based Hip Chick for the second time! For all the bad things that comes along with these silly hip problems....there definitely are some silver linings! I've made some great connections with amazing people! I probably never would have met these ladies otherwise, so I guess I can't resent my hips completely! :D

Last night, Justin and I spent the evening sitting on the patio chatting. We were going to go out for a little date night, but decided to take it easy and stay in. I didn't want to push my luck given my back pain has become much more manageable.

Anyway...I'm  off for the day! I have some plans with a couple little boys I used to babysit. The other day I got a really cute email from Carter (he's 7) telling me how much he misses me! So we are popping by there in an hour, so I better get ready!

Just wanted to post up some positive words since my last few posts have been a bit of a drag. In my case....I have to say drugs definitely are a wonderful thing! I am done being a hero! Stay tuned for my official 6 week update!

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